Each customer should select one dish from the following menu:

1 Pomelo salad with shrimp

2 Green mango salad with or without shrimp

3 Banana blossoms salad with shrimp and pork

4 Papaya salad with shrimp

5 Sea food salad with basil and chili

6 Chicken salads with Vietnamese mints

7 Mix salad papaya, green mango, banana blossom, with shrimp

8 Fried spring roll with spring onion (with shrimp and pork)

9 Fried spring roll with vegetables (mushroom, carrot, taro, glass noodles mung bean) with shrimp and fork

10 Fried vegetarian spring rolls (mushroom, carrot, taro, glass noodles, mung bean) straw mushroom and tofu

11 Fresh Spring rolls (spring onion, mint, lemon basil, carrot and green bean) with shrimp and pork

12 Fresh vegetables spring rolls (carrot, paprika, onion, cucumber, coriander leaves) with shrimp

13 Vietnamese 2 course dish: water spinach with garlic and pork in clay pot

14 Tom Huu rolls (Shrimp, pepper mint, spring onion)

15 Shrimp with honey and garlic

16 Caramelized pork belly

17 Beef salad with Vietnamese mint  and onion

18 Shrimp stir fry with lemon grass and chili

19 Stir fry beef with green bean and dry rice noodles

20 Stir fry beef  with fresh rice noodles, turmeric and chives

21 Stuff squid in tomato sauce ( shrimp stuff or pork stuff)

22 Stir fry Squid with lemon grass and hot chili

23 Pumpkin soup with spring onion and shrimp 

24 Stir fry chicken with lemon grass and chili

25 Chicken curries in coconut milk  (carrot, sweet potato, broad bean, onion, chili)

26 Stew pork belly in coconut milk

27 Chicken rissoles with lemon grass, garlic and shallot

28 Steam cook whole fish with pork belly

29 Fish in clay pot (cá kho tộ) with pork belly or without pork belly

30 Fish with tomato sauce and coriander

31 Fish cake with lemon grass, shallot and garlic

32 Stir fry fish with lemon grass and chili

33 Fish BBQ in banana leaf (fresh turmeric shallot and garlic)

34 Vietnamese pancake with shrimp (or shrimp and pork)

35 Beef five spices stir fry with vegetables (Bo Luc Lac) (beef, bell pepper, onion, chili)

36 Caramalized chicken with ginger

37 Rice vermicelli with pork BBQ, fresh herbs and soya bean peanut sauce

38 Beef with lettuce salad with duck egg cake

39 Sea food with crispy egg noodles and vegetables

40 Chicken stir fry with cashews nut and vegetables (bell pepper, leek and onion)

41 Beef stir fry with chives, fresh turmeric and vermicelli

42 Beef noodles soup  (Pho Bo traditional dish)

43 Sea food curry with coconuts milk

44 Vietnamese sour fish soup (canh chua)

45 fried rice with vegetables and shrimp or chicken (egg, rice, green bean, carrot, spring onion)

46 Beef BBQ with la lot ( piper leaves)

47 Beef stir fry - with rice vermicelli and sweet and sour sauce

48 Beef curry (beef shank, carrot, black mushroom, daikon, onion)

49 Bun cha Ha Noi ( pork belly and pork patties BBQ)
50 Cau Lau Hoi An special noodles with pork

Vegetarian dishes:

51 Vegetarian curries in coconut milk (taro, sweet potatoes, carrot, tofu, mushroom, lemon grass, broad bean and coconut juice) (Slow cooking dish)

52  Bun chay vegetarian noodles soup (fresh vermicelli and pineapple, tomato, cabbage, carrot, pumpkin, tofu, mushroom, leek, coriander and fresh herbs)

Vegetable salads (cabbage, carrot, deep fried tofu, mushroom, leek, Vietnamese mint, mint, onion)

54 Vegetables stir fried with tofu and dry black mushroom (green bean, carrot, baby corn, and broccoli)

55 Egg plant stir fried with garlic/ Stir fry tofu with pineapple and tomato (2course meals)

56 Deep fried egg plan with breadcrumb and sweet and sour sauce

57 Dry kin tofu salads with Vietnamese mint leaves called Rau Răm and onion

58 Vegetarian fried spring rolls (green split bean, tofu, taro, carrot, glass noodles, onion, straw mushroom)

59 Fresh spring rolls (carrot, green bean, tofu, cucumber, spring onion, lemon basil, coriander and mint)

60 Fresh spring rolls (paprika, cucumber, onion, carrot, and fried tofu) mint, lemon basil, coriander and spring onion

61 Vegetable salads with mushroom and tofu (tofu, straw mushroom, carrot, white cabbage, leek, onion, Vietnamese herbs)

62 Fried pumpkins with peanut and Green vegetables soup with tofu and mushroom

63  Fresh white noodles (vermicelli) stir fired with tofu and straw mushroom with fresh turmeric and Vietnamese mini spring onion.

64  Vietnamese vegetarian pan cakes (tofu and straw mushroom, leek, carrot, bean sprouts)

65 Mix salads (banana blossom, papaya, lotus stem, and green mango)

66 Water spinach stir fry with garlic and tofu in clay pot (2 course meals)

Each person selects one dish and you will learn to prepare and cook your dish as a group in class.

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